The Ones Who Foretold is the sophomore album by multi-instrumentalist and Osmosis frontman Marco Simmer, aka Devil Child. Released on December 4, 2012 under the Serjical Strike label, the title for the album was initially supposed to be Just Because I Like Yaoi Doesn't Mean I'm a Gay Man.

Devil Child's second studio effort has had three singles released: "Dirty Dancing is the Best Dancing", "The Angry Sun!", and "My Name Isn't Adam We", with a music video having been made for the former track.

The Ones Who Foretold received mostly positive reception; this album was lauded by professional critics and considered by fans as Simmer's "most versatile and strong material to date".

Musical styleEdit

The Ones Who Foretold is, musically, more varied and "everlasting". Marco utilized the instruments of viola, theremin, and trombone for certain tracks. The elements of chiptune and industrial hip-hop, while still there, are few and far between; for this record, Simmer incorporated the styles of indietronica, ska, bluegrass, new wave, and progressive rock.

Track listingEdit

  1. "What Is a Man? (A Miserable Pile of Secrets)" - 4:57
  2. "My Name Isn't Adam We" - 3:19
  3. "ZOMG" (feat. Jonny 5 of Flobots) - 3:34
  4. "Just Because I Like Yaoi Doesn't Mean I'm a Gay Man" - 3:48
  5. "Dirty Dancing is the Best Dancing" - 4:01
  6. "I'm at the Weird Part of Youtube Again" - 5:25
  7. "Sit Down, Shut Up... Yeah, Just Do Those" - 3:06
  8. "Fist Under the Beard" (feat. Lights) - 4:12
  9. "The Angry Sun!" - 2:37
  10. "2 Dark Magician Girls, 1 Pot of Greed" - 0:23
  11. "Red Cyclone" - 3:10
  12. "Birdman vs. Darth Vader" (feat. Matt Sloan) - 3:26


  • The working title for The Ones Who Foretold eventually became the name of track 4.
  • Track 12, "Birdman vs. Darth Vader", is completely different from any of Simmer's solo songs; it is merely a comical rap that centers on an argument between Marco and Matt Sloan (renowned for being the voice of Chad Vader).


Music videosEdit


  • Marco Simmer - vocals, electronics, keyboards, samples, programming, trombone, viola, theremin, producer
  • Gildas Loaec - additional production
  • Felix da Housecat - additional production
  • Paul Romano - Art direction, design, layout