Slumber Meets Chaos is the upcoming fourth full-length album by American electronic music project Devil Child, also known by his real name Marco Simmer. The album saw a global release through the Dim Mak Records banner on June 17, 2016, and it is Simmer's first offering under that label. His fourth affair was made available on the week of his 39th birthday.


Similar to Episode 3 - Morbid Blade with a Cute Smile, Slumber Meets Chaos is produced entirely by Simmer alone. While grounded in electronic music as per usual, it overall represents yet another sound and stylistic change for the Devil Child one-man act, incorporating influences of psychedelic trance and big beat alongside a subtle classical music flavor. There is also a drastic reduction in vocals; only two tracks feature actual vocalizations, both of which have guest appearances by Sasha Grey and Cibo Matto frontwoman Miho Hatori. Devil Child's fourth album is not a concept record unlike its predecessor, as it explores various themes such as nostalgia, dehumanization, passion, and wonder despite Slumber Meets Chaos' extremely sporadic lyrical content.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Erasing All That Is Neutral" - 7:34
  2. "Act Like You Care" - 7:12
  3. "Semantics Created by a Withering Toad" - 8:32
  4. "Screaming Until I Laugh" - 5:46
  5. "Revival of the Luckiest" - 7:23
  6. "Phalanx of Devils" - 6:16
  7. "Literally Raising the Roof" - 8:21
  8. "The Freak Will Inherit the Earth" - 4:08
  9. "Cease Arrogance" - 7:32
  10. "As the Stomach Churns" - 7:17
  11. "Slumber Meets Chaos" - 10:41


Devil ChildEdit

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Album detailsEdit

  • Released: June 17, 2016
  • Recorded: December 2015–April 2016
  • Genre: Psychedelic trance, big beat, electronic
  • Label: Dim Mak
  • Producer: Marco Simmer