The following article includes the lyrics to the song "Mastication", by Marco Simmer, AKA "the Devil Child". It is the second track from the musician's third studio album, Episode 3 - Morbid Blade with a Cute Smile.


You're like a pillar in need of resuscitation.

These hollow eyes of mine saw you disclosing that raven.

Day after exhausting day, night after villainous night.

We as disturbing outcasts should do nothing but unite.

How can he keep this tyranny up?

A maggot that crawls out from his bloody cup.

Needs to do something productive with itself.

This ring of yours has to go see the orthopaedist.

Your dark side hungers for bloodshed as a nudist.

I guess you could say this shit just became reversed.

With a bullet and three Swastikas, he'll get what he deserves.

Our target's some kind of rusty skeleton on a gagged serpent.

So be on the lookout for their immoral curtain.

What's the deal with that fucker undoing bandages?

What's the deal?

What's the deal with that fucker undoing bandages?

Chaotic calamity, I want this woman to elude you.

A gutter desires rancid souls that tainted my invigorating dew.

Masked clowns on a ship full of bastardized angels.

Back up the shadow because his cowardice ain't null.

You and I should catch a starlight that's off the roof.

What's the deal with that fucker undoing bandages?

What's the deal!?

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