This page showcases the comprehensive discography of Devil Child, the solo project and alias of Osmosis frontman Marco Simmer. At the time this article was created, he has released three studio albums, five extended plays, seven singles, and five music videos.


Full-length releasesEdit


List of singlesEdit

Year Title From the album
2008 "Scout Goes Bonk!" All Your Base are Belong to Us
"All I Smell Is Your Ass"
2011 "Dirty Dancing Is the Best Dancing" The Ones Who Foretold
2012 "The Angry Sun!"
"My Name Isn't Adam We"
2014 "Frill" Episode 3 - Morbid Blade with a Cute Smile
2016 "Screaming Until I Laugh" Slumber Meets Chaos

Music videosEdit

Year Title Director
2008 "Scout Goes Bonk!" Jhonen Vasquez
2010 "I See What You Did There" Frankie Nasso
2012 "Dirty Dancing Is the Best Dancing" Meiert Avis
2014 "Mastication" Shawn Crahan
"Blue During the Night" Robert Kurtzman